The Game of Life: Everyday Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Elite athletes such as Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Usain Bolt and almost every team in the NFL & MLB have chiropractors they see regularly to maintain optimal performance, however they aren’t the only ones who can benefit from regular chiropractic care. Recognition of the importance of the nervous system to the body’s overall function gives them an edge over competitors.  Regular chiropractic adjustments can improve virtually every function of your body and help you take your everyday life to All-Star levels. Chiropractic adjustments have vast benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Boost the Immune System - Inflammatory diseases (arthritis, inflammatory bowel, atherosclerosis etc.) are closely related to nervous system function because chemicals that trigger the process are produced here. By regulating function of the nervous system you can reduce the production of inflammatory chemicals that negatively impact the immune system overall. Reducing inflammatory agents is the cornerstone of virtually all disease treatment, why not start on the inside?
  • Restore Regular Muscle Tone - Muscles are controlled by the nerves that feed them, and can become overactive causing tight and tender fibers, or they can be under stimulated resulting in a decrease in tone and strength.  Abnormal signals from the nerves that control muscles are the root cause of issues related to imbalance and tone. While interventions such as massage address the discomfort caused by muscle imbalance, treating the dysfunction at its root cause is may have a more direct and lasting effect.
  • Improve Balance and Coordination - Chiropractic adjustments directly affect the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), and because of this they have an affect on the ability of your body to perceive where it is in space, or proprioception. What this means is that when your central nervous system can effectively communicate with the rest of your body you experience higher levels of proprioception which in turn reduces risk of injury, improves mobility and joint function. his translates into a higher quality of life and improved overall health. 
  • Increase Energy Levels - increased fatigue and low energy levels can be caused by a number of factors. In reality, chiropractors do not treat energy levels, we treat the spine and nervous system which both play a role in energy. Misalignments in the spine can lead to pain and discomfort as well as decrease in flow of the nervous system. By removing these misalignments we often reduce the pain levels and allow the body to experience higher levels of energy due to improved overall function and more efficient flow of electrochemical signals in the body.
  • Reduce Oxidative Stress - Research has shown that stress occurs in many forms, and oxidative stress occurs on a chemical level via the production of free radicals which have been linked to increased rates of cancer and DNA related disease. Increasing levels of antioxidants in the body is key to combating free radicals and their adverse effects. While antioxidants can be gained through diet and supplementation, research has shown that wellness chiropractic care lead to elevated blood levels of naturally occurring antioxidants produced in the body

While you may not be a professional athlete, you do participate in the game of life everyday. Why not make sure that you are performing at the highest levels possible? These are only a fraction of the positive benefits chiropractic adjustments can have on your everyday life. For more information about chiropractic care or how it can help you flourish on your highest level email me at